Limitless Future

Our Positioning

Remote Sensing Applications

  • Smart Agriculture
  • Environmental Protection
  • Meteorological and Marine Monitoring
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Disaster Reduction
  • Military Affairs

Smart City Solutions

  • Zoning and urban planning
  • 3D modeling including digital city creation
  • City infrastructure modeling
  • Carbon footprint, pollution, and traffic analysis
  • Security reviews and law enforcement planning

IOT Connectivity and Beyond

Autonomous Navigation System

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Big Data Mining


  • Satellite & Drones
  • Optical Images & Multispectral Images

Image Processing

  • Accurate Maps Complex data analysis

Our Business Modal

Internet Access for Remote Area

Provide internet access especially for remote area in Malaysia which are mainly rural areas and huge investment required to connect them via land due to demographic, topographic and accessibilities reasons.

High Speed Broadband Services

Offering competitive and high speed broadband to commercial, residential and public up to 1Gbps.

Open Network Platform

Provide telecommunication services with an open platform which encompasses all aspects of communication through the latest generation of satellite communication technology.

Admin & Applications Platform

Provide Digitalization platform, E-platform, E-Commerce Generation, E-Wallet, Payment Gateway, Customized mobile applications and Administrative platform.

Cloud Computing & Data Collection Center

ASSB ICT paradigm that enables ubiquitous access to group of networked elements achieving coherence and economies of scale.

Blockchain Technology

Provide incorruptible digital backbone using cryptography. Secured, encrypted decentralized technology with transparency.

What is our technology?

ASSB will design, build and implement most advanced Malaysia next generation communication satellite for Space, Sky and Ground Integrated Communication Network for Information, Communication and IOT solutions


  • Connecting remote area via Geostationary (GEO) satellite.
  • High transfer speed up with a designed Orbital Life of 15 years for satellite network.
  • Immediate connectivity to rural & remote location with fast deployments.


  • Expanding coverage with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations.
  • Establishing 5G network in Malaysia highly dense-population urban area.
  • Optimizing current 4G network by complementing base stations nationwide.


  • High speed bandwidth for Ground Infra-structure Network.
  • Data center, collection service and cloud.
  • Blockchain technology incorruptible digital  backbone using cryptography.

Our Technology