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1. Makes Agriculture Management Easy.

Remote Sensing Application

EA robust application that utilizes data collected from satellites and drones to provide various features for industrial uses. The application not only provides comprehensive functions to process multi-modal remote sensing data but also applies AI extraction to those data. The application will prepare and display those for users with a user-friendly dashboard.

Industrial Application: Smart Agriculture

  • Crop monitoring
  • Agricultural disaster monitoring
  • Agricultural resources monitoring

2. Smart City for Better Living.

Smart Pole

A smart pole that packs various features replaced the old conventional Pole. This smart pole aims to improve public security, improve internet speed and reduce microwave transmission. It was equipped with a CCTV surveillance camera, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Intelligent Lighting.

The CCTV surveillance camera on the smart pole aims to address a greener travel plan for the city. It monitors the condition of the road. This helps to deter crime and provides a safer place for residents and tourists.

The intelligent lighting used was Light Emitting Diode Streetlight (LED). These LEDs provide better brightness, better color rendering index and help to save energy when compared to the old streetlights.

The pole was implemented with Fiber connectivity which allowed Wi-Fi to be hosted. This provides fiber backhaul to the 5G deployments. The use of fiber optic cables also helps to reduce health concerns compared to the old telecommunication tower.